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CD3 T Cell Engager Platform Mechanism

Polyclonal T cell activation and associated rapid tumor cell killing.

Mechanism 1: 

Mechanism 2:

Antibody-antigen complex induces antigen specific T cell clone and associated long-lasting memory response. (vaccinal effects) 

⑤ tumor antigens are taken by bsAbs then bind to dendritic cells via specific FcγR.
③ the reaction includes T cell-mediated lysis, ADCC, CDC, ADCP
④ tumor apoptosis
② the immune complex induce a anti-tumor reaction
⑥ dendritic cells present tumor antigens to T cells, which induce T cell activation and differentiation
⑦ T cells differentiate into Effector T cells (continue to kill tumor cells) and Memory T cells (long-lasting memory response)
① bsAb bind tumor cell (TAA), T cell (CD3 antigen) and accessory cell (FcγR)
Immune accessory cells activated by the IgG Fc:
  • Tumor cell killing by ADCC & ADCP with no effects on T-cells; 
  • Co-stimulatory signals (e.g., CD86-CD28) to further activate T-cells

Tumor vaccinal effects: selectively binds to FcɣRIIa than FcɣRIIb:

  • To reduce clinical dosage/frequency for a lower potential of tumor resistance;
  • To enable distant killing cancer cells, which could potentially expand T cell engagers into the treatment of solid tumors.