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We honor diverse partnerships at LintonPharm, since they are crucial for our mission to bring transformative immunotherapies to the cancer patients worldwide. We are committed to partner with academia, biotech, biopharma and multi-national companies around the world. 

We are interested in in-licensing novel therapeutic antibody candidates, especially those targeting at tumor associated antigens. We are also exploring various techniques and joint research in cancer biology for novel targets. In addition, we are also interested in accessing technologies that would facilitate our inhouse antibody discovery and engineering activities.

We welcome out-license or co-develop opportunities for our proprietary bispecific antibody platform. We bring our extensive expertise in bispecific antibody to our partners generating and optimizing the innovative biotherapeutics.

Based on the nature of T-cell retargeting therapies, LintonPharm’s pipeline products are open for combo therapy collaborations. Particularly the therapeutics that would have synergies in mechanism of action, which would boost the outcome of cancer immunotherapy, for example the check point inhibitors.

Contact us: BD@lintonpharm.com