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T cell engaging bispecific mAb

Evolving from the triomab technology, LintonPharm has developed the next-generation proprietary bispecific antibody platform, which allows for the production of a recombinant bispecific antibody with key features including:

  • Fully-humanized sequences with low immunogenicity (Human IgG)
  • Specifically desig​ned framework mutations to elevate anti-tumor long-lasting vaccinal effect
  • Low toxicity
  • Optimized cytoxicity
  • Higher production yield
  • Strengthened protein stability etc.

The platform enables the bispecific antibodies to be generated in both symmetrical and asymmetrical formats, as demonstrated below.

mAb generation and engineering

We have established robust and efficient methods for antibody generation by combining the classic hybridoma and phage display antibody generation and discovery approaches with antibody engineering through structure-based rationale design. The platform is able to identify high-affinity antibodies, and create humanized antibodies through in-silico design and experimental validation to minimize the antibody immunogenicity and enable long-term anti-cancer therapies with low toxicity. 

We also engineer changes into the antibody constant regions to strengthen or modulate the immune responses, extend/shorten antibody half-life, and recruit additional immune cells to induce long-lasting immunity and enhance their therapeutic potential.